Megan Mician

Mortgage Banker, NMLS# 1851201

Meagan joined BOE December of 2022 after 2 years in the mortgage industry as well as 6 years in the automotive industry. She has mastered the ability to listen, coach, and guide people in the right direction for their next major investment. Meagan was raised in small town Rindge, NH. She currently resides in Spencer, MA with her husband and one son. She loves snowboarding, writing, traveling, and cooking!
"I wish school/educators taught us more about home ownership. I bought my first home at the age of 22 but when I did that, I didn't know it would be one of my greatest investments. I found a love for this business when I realized I could help educate first time home buyers. I did not have the guidance and education on the home buying process that I am able to give my buyers. When people ask me why I do this job that is why!"

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